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COECG-Contracted Guangxi Qinzhou Port Large Dredging Project officially launched

发布时间: 2015-04-10 来源:中海总局

    Recently, several groups of grab ships and suction dredger ships were transferred to Qinzhou Port approach channel to carry out construction operation works. It marks that the COECG-contracted Qinzhou Port 300000-ton approach channel secondary channel project SII was officially launched.

    Qinzhou Port 300000-ton approach channel secondary channel  project SII is located in Qinzhou Bay Mouth.It starts at the entrance of 100000-ton secondary channel, connected with the end of 300000-ton secondary channel and ends at south of the proposed  300000-ton oil terminal harbor dock with total length as 8.51 kilometers. The project cost 360 million yuan for construction with  amount of dredging work of 21.1 million square, one-way track designed effective width of 320 meters, design elevation of -21 meters and high tide level guarantee rate of 70%.

    So far, the project is progressing smoothly. The project department will organize construction work on owner's request, check the project safety and control the progress schedule strictly, pay close attention to the project quality in order to create a high quality project to the owner's satisfaction.


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