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Commencement ceremony of Channel Improvement Project for West River

发布时间: 2011-08-29 来源:中海总局

      Channel Improvement Project for West River of Fenkai City commenced recently in ancient city of Fenkai. Deputy chief of Weat River Channel Bureau Huang Dongsheng addressed the commencement ceremony.

      Deputy Chief Huang pointed out in his speech that, Channel Improvement for West River is a key prior project in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of Guangdong Province, which is of great significance. He also expressed his faith in China Ocean Engineering Construction General Bureau (COECG), who, as a high profile state-owned enterprise in China will be qualified to shoulder its reponsibility to guarantee the quality and deliver a satisfying result of the project on time. After Deputy Chief Huang's speech, vice project manager Huang Jundong made a specific project report on the project, and again reinforced COECG's promise to guarantee safety, and strive for setting up a model project.

      West River (originate from ZhaoQin City) Channel Improvement Project consists of main works concerning construction of dams and revetments, reef removement and dredging as well as other auxiliary projects. This river stretches out 171 kilometers. Since its commencement in December,2008, total work worth 140 million RMB has been finished, and the whole project is estimated to be finished by the end of 2011. Once finished, West River will significantly relieve the transportation pressure  in Pearl River Delta area and contribute greatly to the socio-economic development of Guangdong province as well as ZhaoQing city.


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