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GuangDong substation takes appropriate measures and arrangements for a wave of project acceleration

发布时间: 2011-08-31 来源:中海总局

    Spring Festival is a big event for every Chinese, and it's a persistant tradtion for people to go back home to gather with family. It's of special meaning for site workers, who have stronger desire to spend quality time with family after long time of working far away from hometown. 

    The twenty days around Spring Festival is supposed to be the prime time for construction. During the vocation, operations at the site are mostly suspended, which will definitely affect project progress. To minimize the influence brought about by the Spring Festival, and make up for the days taken off, GuangDong substation has taken proper measurements, and started a new wave of acceleration at the post new year time. The professional ethics of COECG's employees is highly appreciated by the employer and project supervisors.


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