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     China Ocean Engineering Construction General Bureau (abbreviated as COECG) was established in 1952, transformed from the previous Naval Engineering Construction General Bureau of Chinese People's Liberation Army. In 1999, on approval of the State Council, COECG was incorporated into China Ocean Aviation Group Incorporation (abbreviated as COAGI) along with other local enterprises that were divided from the Navy to be administrated by Central Corporate Industrial Committee. In 2008, as COAGI merged with China National Machinery Industry Corporation (abbreviated as SINOMACH), COECG became wholly-owned subsidiary of SINOMACH.
     China Ocean Engineering Construction General Bureau (abbreviated as COECG) is a large-scale state-owned enterprise with complex construction qualifications. The major authorized qualifications of COECG include: first-class general contractor's qualification for harbor and navigation channel engineering, municipal civil engineering, and house construction engineering, first-class professional contractor's qualification for steel structure engineering, second-class qualification for decoration and fitment, waterproof, hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering, foundation work, electrical and mechanical installation, as well as foreign contracting qualification. Now, COECG has a total staff number of 3200, among whom there are over 820 technical and managerial personnel with all sorts of profession titles, over 400 medium, and high rank engineers, and more than 100 registered architects. COECG has registered capital of 175,750,000 RMB, with AAA credit rank, and has been certified with ISO system.
     During the over 50-year history, China Ocean Engineering Construction General Bureau has accomplished large numbers of projects of military harbor, civil-use port, breakwater, shipyard, channel dredging, land reclamation, municipal facilities, residential building, industrial building, decoration and fitment as well as waterproof. For the past ten year, China Ocean Engineering Construction General Bureau has won more than 40 prizes, including two national Luban Prize, one national superior project golden quality prize, and more than 30 provincial and municipal prizes, and has been appraised as annual excellent national construction company and Beijing integrity company in succession.
     "Deliver superior quality and serve the customer" has always been the ultimate goal of COECG. Now on the journey towards new glories, COECG will take advantage of the fine corporate virtues and glorious traditions that have been inherited from the military to keep up with the new era and open up a new chapter of corporate history. By adopting scientific management methods, COECG will keep on delivering first class service and products at the first class rate, and make more contribution to the world economy.
     We'd love to join hands with our counterparts to strive for more glories!


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