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COECG chief Wang Xinsheng Meets With Liberian Delegation

发布时间: 2015-06-29 来源:中海总局

      In June 27th,COAG assistant president Zhang Yi and COECG chief Wang Xinsheng met with Liberian government delegation in Nord Center.

      As a international engineering contractor, COECG would  participate in the construction of Liberia under the “one belt one road”strategy actively, said by Wang Xinsheng, chief of COECG.COECG also put forward suggestions of specific mode of operation on Monrovia New City with professional orientation analysis.

      Liberia is located in the strategic geographical location of West Africa. Though it has advantageous geographic location and rich natural resources, the growth of local economic is slow and need to be improved.The purpose of Liberian delegation’s visit is to strengthen communication and explore new patterns and new opportunities for development with COECG jointly. 


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